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  • Sale -50% Hidden Camera Finder RF Wireless Signal Scanner

    Hidden Camera Finder RF Wireless Signal Scanner

    Discover Peace of Mind with (Hidden Camera Finder RF Wireless Signal Scanner) - Your Ultimate Camera Detector Unveiling the (Hidden Camera Finder RF Wireless Signal Scanner) Camera Detector Embrace a new era of security and privacy with the (Real Name) Camera Detector – your ultimate shield against unwanted surveillance. This compact yet powerful device is meticulously designed for those who prioritize their privacy in an increasingly connected world. Key Features: 1. Professional Anti-spy Detector: Armed with advanced AI chips, our Camera Detector effortlessly identifies wireless hidden cameras, VHF/UHF transmitters, GSM/3G/4G bugs, GPS trackers, and even strong magnetic field signals. Stay one step ahead of potential threats. 2. Wide Frequency Range: With a detection frequency range spanning from 1MHz to 6.5GHz, the (Real Name) Camera Detector covers modern communications, including GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi (2.4G and 5.8G). It operates in two modes – Sound and Vibration – ensuring you stay informed discreetly. 3. Adjustable Sensitivity: Tailor your detection experience with our 5-level adjustable threshold. The large range of frequency detection, coupled with a 5-segment bargraph indicator and a physical attenuator, empowers you to pinpoint strong RF sources effortlessly. 4. Portable & Easy to Use: With the antenna cleverly concealed within its compact frame, the (Real Name) Camera Detector is incredibly portable. Conduct covert sweeps with ease, especially in sensitive areas where hidden spy cameras may lurk. Technical Specifications: Product Volume: 10.8CM2.4CM1.5CM Product Weight: 12g Charging Interface: USB Working Hours: 24 hours Signal Gear: 6 gears adjustable Signal Detection Range: 5 cm - 10 meters Optical Lens: Special special filter Product Material: PC What's Inside the Box: 1 * (Real Name) Detector 1 * Charging Cable 1 * User Manual 


  • Sale -61% Extreme Heights Outdoor Plane

    Extreme Heights Outdoor Plane

          Introducing the Extreme Heights Outdoor Plane - SU-35 Jet Fighter Stunt RC Airplane Unleash the Thrill of the Skies:Get ready for an exhilarating experience with the Extreme Heights Outdoor Plane, the SU-35 Jet Fighter Stunt RC Airplane. This cutting-edge RC aircraft is designed for adventure seekers and aviation enthusiasts, delivering unparalleled excitement and precision control.  Key Features:  Stunning Design: The Extreme Heights Outdoor Plane boasts a sleek and realistic SU-35 Jet Fighter design, capturing the essence of high-performance aviation. Stunt Capabilities: Perform jaw-dropping stunts and maneuvers with ease, thanks to the advanced control system and aerodynamic design.2.4G Remote Control: Enjoy interference-free control with the 2.4G remote, providing a stable connection for seamless flight experiences.Easy to Operate: Perfect for beginners and seasoned pilots alike, this RC airplane is user-friendly and ready to soar into the skies.Durable Construction: Built with quality materials, the Extreme Heights Outdoor Plane is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor flights and stunts.


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